North Of Adventures

An Educational and Fun Story

Venture with Kra, and you will learn about the history, culture, flora and fauna of Norte de Santander.

You will go through scenarios such as; Archeology and Paleontology, the Battle of Cúcuta, the Earthquake, the Railroad, characters such as Camilo Daza and Daniel Antolínez, as well as beautiful and historical landscapes of the region, such as the Estoraques.

2D educational video game developed by Erick Herrera (AENS). Credits to: Emily Contreras, Tania Contreras and Lianis Garzón.

Available on APK, and on the Web for PC. Instructions: Left (A), Right (D) and Jump (W).

¡Play and Learn!




Adventure / Educational


5 minutes (demo version)



We need your support

Donations will be used for a quality development of the game, and to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of Norte de Santander.


Donation rewards:

  • 20.000 COP or more: Thank you letter.
  • 100.000 COP or more: Name in the credits of the videogame.

Scenario I - Archaeology and Paleontology:

  • Demo 1.
  • Available from July 15, 2022.

North of

Name: Kra
Description: Kra (Boy) will be the main character of the Norte de Aventuras Videogame.

Name: Kra
Description: Kra (Young) will be the main character of the Animated Series I and some animations of the Norte de Aventuras videogame.

Name: Gerardo Villamizar
Description: Museo Los Vados.

Name: Ammonite
Description: Ammonites.

Name: American Mastodon
Description: American Mastodon.

Name: Mercedes Ábrego
Description: Mercedes Ábrego.

Name: Simón Bolívar
Description: Simón Bolívar.

Name: Francisco de Paula Santander
Description: Francisco de Paula Santander.